ShootFest – The Slideshow

I am still so excited about how ShootFest turned out to be that I spent an entire night making this slideshow. Well I was a little tired from studying and I managed to complete my book already but the crunch time is here and I needed to release some steam so I started on my mini project. After making my previous slideshow here, I thought lets make another slideshow for ShootFest.

And here are the results.

For best results, press “play” and then followed by “pause“. Wait for the video to be fully buffered and then watch it 🙂

Do let me know what you think of the slideshow by commenting in the comments section ok? At least I can get some feedback on my slideshow making skills.

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  1. jon low

    Are you kidding me, this is brilliant! 🙂

  2. Jenny Sun

    Mark!!! I LOVED it! 🙂 I think the sepia/b&w tone of the whole thing… it gives it unity. And the captions were great.

    Yes, I think you did capture it all on camera 🙂

    Well done! Hope u let off enough steam! lol!

  3. Benjamin

    I LOVE IT! the song n all…really why didnt i think of something like this…hmm *salute*

  4. paulkong

    the slide show is great indeed.. i love it so much,, most important is, i able to see myself inside the slide show, well done , mark

  5. Mark

    Jon, Jenny, Ben and Paul, thanks for the comments! To be also very honest, I was trying out some new slideshow techniques and ShootFest gave me that opportunity 😀

  6. Mark

    I embeded the HTML codes again, the play and pause buttons are working now!

  7. richard

    this is .. so COOL~


    by the way, what's the background song? =) =)

  8. ShaolinTiger

    Great stuff, love the tones of the black and white – allows you to concentrate more on the the facial expressions and feelings of the pictures.

    Entertaining and inspiring!

  9. munz

    Awesome stuff! totally love the whole atmosphere and how it tells a story on its own :).

  10. Kee Sitt

    Yeah baby! Rock on! Something out of the norm slideshow! Storytelling Rulez baby!

  11. zachchin

    love this slideshow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great job mark and congrats on ur proposal with munz!!!

  12. paulkong

    i have watched this slide show for so many times,, it's stilll as great as teh first time i watched it

  13. Raykhor

    hey mark awesome stuff man, love the sideshow

  14. Mark

    Hi everyone, thanks for the comments. I hope to do more slideshows like this as well in the future for other events.

    By the way, for those who wanted to know what was used to make this slideshow, I used a FotoMagico to create this slideshow and the song in the background is "Mr. Brightside".

  15. David

    Awesome slides! Awesome song! The Killers rocks my sox wooooottttttttttt

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