Initial Thoughts on iOS 7

Version: iOS 7 Beta 3 Last updated: 9th July 2013 As the industry moves towards an era of mobility, smartphones and mobile apps are leading the way with tablets buffing up the mobility strategy.  Smartphones aren’t a new thing, they have been around for so many years! I have in the past used a Palm … Read more

Wednesday Clicks – The Return

Yes, Wednesday Clicks has finally made a come-back after absolutely no requests for it over the past 6 months. Nevertheless, I would like to stick to it again and bring up some new links and news from about as well. Here are some of the latest happenings about! If you aren’t following me on Twitter, … Read more

Some Random Updates

Haven’t had much time to post up new photos as there are quite a number of photos that I have yet to process sitting on my hard disks. No, they are not for paying clients, just some of the photos I took whilst on holiday as well as some random shots about. Although I am … Read more