Speaking at the DCIM Show, 15th May 2010

Yes thats right. I will be speaking at the Canon EOS Interactive booth this coming Saturday at the DCIM Show from 3.15pm to 4.15pm at Midvalley Exhibition Center at the Midvalley Megamall. What will I be speaking on? Well, I will be speaking on the subject, “Experience with EOS” which is quite a big twist … Read more

Welcome to the new site

First and foremost before I begin this post, I would like to welcome everyone to my newly designed site sitting in a new home. After much deliberation (and many theme changes), my blog underwent multiple theme change and multiple add-ons in the form of widgets as well as other funky adds. I decided that it … Read more

Since I have been away

Woah, I just realised that lots of things have occurred since my last post which contained words. And not just anything but major important things which might make an impact in the very environment that I am most active in. Anwar Wins in Permatang Pauh Of course the biggest news is that Anwar is back … Read more

Introducing Wedding Story by Integricity Visuals

I am very excited and pleased to announce two awesome looking websites with super cool graphics and so many things which isn’t in my technical vocabulary! Ok, enough of that, let me introduce to you two new and recently launched websites, Integricity Visuals and Wedding Story. What makes these websites special? Well if you did … Read more