Wednesday Clicks

Here are this week’s Wednesday Clicks with some interesting links to some various sites. Its the first Wednesday Clicks for 2009 so here is to a great year ahead with more interesting news and titbits from around. For you pixel peepers, check out some stunning photos taken with the new Nikon D3x here from our neighbours up … Read more

Nikon’s D3x with photos!

Photos has emerged online of the upcoming Nikon D3x and they are floating about. Apparently these photos were obtained from the Nikon site itself but they have long but taken down these images. The camera itself is expected to sport the same frame as the D3 but I am curious indeed especially with the lens … Read more

Nikon’s Big event, 1st December

Something big is approaching, really really big. Rumours has it that a launch by Nikon is eminent but that is nothing new as companies are constantly launching new products, new services or just launching some new campaign. This time, rumours are floating about would be a new Nikon DSLR and three new Nikon lenses. What … Read more