Second Attempt at Shooting some Volkswagen Golfs

Back in May this year, I attempted my first night shoot on the Volkswagen Golf. Only recently did I attempt my second shoot. This time it was done within 45 minutes and the location was extremely impromptu. Let’s just say that I was driving back from Putrajaya and I made a detour towards an industrial … Read more

Photographing Volkswagen Cars Part 2

Here is the continuation of photos that I took during the previous shoot which I organised with the Volkswagen Malaysia Club members. More photos are also available in my previous post. The funny thing about the image below was that while I was busy snapping away, a couple of “mat rempits” decided to join in … Read more

A Visit to the Batcave a.k.a Autodetailer

Being part of the WPPM does have its benefits. Though I am a little shy as I haven’t posted about photography in a while, this time I managed to join Patrick Low on one of his Photographer’s chill out sessions at Autodetailer. In case you may not be familiar, Autodetailer is located at Jaya One … Read more