Eaten: Yat Sing Smokehouse

Whenever barbecue is mentioned, Aaron Franklin comes to mind. The long queues over at his shop in the US and the enormous slabs of briskets being smoked comes to mind. Locally here, we don’t have that many choices. I tried a couple of places such as Beard Brothers BBQ and a couple of food trucks … Read more

Using Google Maps or to your advantage

Over the course of many years, I have been a great fan of using Google Maps. Whether it is to research a restaurant that I plan to try out or to find out about locations and places overseas. Much of the content is generally contributed by the public and in this cancel culture, I hope … Read more

Bringing my BMW E90 320d for a Technical Campaign

What is a technical campaign by BMW, you might wonder? A technical campaign is a system that BMW uses to ensure that certain recalls are done to replace certain parts in your car that might be potentially faulty. BMW Malaysia has their site here where you can go in, key in your car’s VIN and … Read more

Avoid the water cut by having a staycation in Selangor

With the slated upcoming water cuts tomorrow, why not check out these five resorts and have a nice family staycation to avoid all the fuss. Ever since the government has announced that travel is allowed and if you don’t want to be too far from home, consider somewhere closer within Selangor. Carpe Diem, Serendah Carpe … Read more