Migration in progress

I have officially started with the migration process of transferring my blog from my Blogspot account to the one hosted here at MarkLeo.net. First of all I need to move quite a fair bit of stuff over and to learn all about WordPress and how to configure it as well. Still I hope that this … Read more

Hello world!

Welcome to the very new beginning of my blog which includes a whole new server and look. Ever since I have decided to move towards to getting my own domain and URL name (http://www.markleo.net), I also decided to move over from my old blog at http://markleo.blogspot.com to here. Its still a work in progress but … Read more

New updates

I’ve decided to split the categories into several pages as shown above. Hoping to still discover a new look or perhaps a new site I might add but why not start working on what I have right now at the moment.

Welcome to Capturing Mark

A very good day to everyone, I am pleased to announce that I have finally decided to start up a separate photography blog in order to showcase some of my work or events that I was “volunteered” to cover as a photographer. Other than just events, I am also in the midst of dabbling a … Read more