Video games for the elderly

Its really ironic that parents would want to curb their kids from playing too much video games while on the other hand you get newspaper reports saying that parents should encourage their parents to have a go at these games. Well, the report did mention that the elderly should try the new Playstation 3 (well … Read more

Migration in progress

I have officially started with the migration process of transferring my blog from my Blogspot account to the one hosted here at First of all I need to move quite a fair bit of stuff over and to learn all about WordPress and how to configure it as well. Still I hope that this … Read more

Hello world!

Welcome to the very new beginning of my blog which includes a whole new server and look. Ever since I have decided to move towards to getting my own domain and URL name (, I also decided to move over from my old blog at to here. Its still a work in progress but … Read more

New updates

I’ve decided to split the categories into several pages as shown above. Hoping to still discover a new look or perhaps a new site I might add but why not start working on what I have right now at the moment.