How long can my Macbook Pro M1 battery last?

As many reviewers have mentioned that they have excellent battery life with their new Macbook Pro M1 (Apple Silicon) laptops, I wanted to find that out myself. So here is my own personal test, running the Macbook Pro M1 base model in a typical office day (working from home). DISCLAIMER: Normally, I would plug my … Read more

Achieving 144Hz Refresh rate using the Macbook Pro on the Xiaomi 34″ Monitor

One of the main reasons I purchased the Xiaomi 34″ UltraWide monitor was because of the screen real estate. Because of the pandemic, this became my main work-from-home monitor where I would hook up my MacBook Pro M1 to the monitor. I was trying to connect my MacBook Pro M1 laptop to the Xiaomi monitor … Read more