A Visit to the Batcave a.k.a Autodetailer

Being part of the WPPM does have its benefits. Though I am a little shy as I haven’t posted about photography in a while, this time I managed to join Patrick Low on one of his Photographer’s chill out sessions at Autodetailer. In case you may not be familiar, Autodetailer is located at Jaya One … Read more

Greetings from Bangladesh!

It’s currently day two now here at Bangladesh and although I really wanted to write a blog post whilst I was in the airport yesterday, the internet connection at LCCT was horrendous. Anyway its the same here in Bangladesh as well, I hardly get any internet connection so it will be brief posts and updates. … Read more

What I have learned from a recent wedding shoot!

Not to stand too close to the bride and groom when they are about to pop the champaign! Ok the image was a little blur as I think I sort of self consciously tried to move away. Seriously, I could have sworn that he was aiming it at a totally different direction. Well, at least I … Read more