About Me

I started blogging way back since I tried out a new platform called Blogger back in the day when I was studying in Sheffield, United Kingdom. Since then I guess I have been on and off the blogosphere (I wonder if anyone even use that word) and I know maintaining a steady stream of readers has its ups and downs.

It is now 2015 (finally updating the information here now) and I guess since there has been a number of changes in my life, I probably should update this page as well.

I am passionate about driving and over the last 4 years of joining car clubs on drives as well as going for track days at Sepang, I started to think that there is something else more than just work. Given the chance, I would go on a road trip around Malaysia and travel through the town and old roads whilst enjoying the beauty of my country. But of course I got to pay the bills somehow.

So by day, I work at a local bank, running innovation projects for them. At other times, I write at a freelance capacity for Autofreaks.Net. As much as I love driving and cars, I also love all things technology hence the self proclaimed geek tag.

This is my personal blog and website where I do hope to share my life’s journey as well as some of the technical interests that I have gone through my life, from photography, to movie reviews to car modifications. All things published here is of my own personal opinion only and does not represent the views of my firm and Autofreaks.net.

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