Using PLEX Media at home

I have been contemplating on how do I store and view my media via my PC and came about PLEX thanks to Alex. What PLEX does is that it sorts out all of my TV Series and movie collections and updates it’s metadata and I have a beautiful view of my collection via my devices.


The image above shows a typical setup on which how my home server is set up. As I use WIFI to connect to my devices, the network does get a bit congested as multiple devices are streaming from the PLEX Media server.

Currently my gaming PC acts as my media server but I have been contemplating if I should swap it for a smaller device which generates less heat and uses less electricity. Perhaps a Mac Mini or perhaps I should use my old Macbook Pro 2008 laptop as the media server. The only issue that I have with my Macbook Pro is that all my media is stored in an external drive which uses USB3.0.

Definitely need to find the most cost efficient method but for now, looks like I have to deal with my huge PC running as the server.