Welcome to the new site

First and foremost before I begin this post, I would like to welcome everyone to my newly designed site sitting in a new home. After much deliberation (and many theme changes), my blog underwent multiple theme change and multiple add-ons in the form of widgets as well as other funky adds. I decided that it wasn’t the right move to do hence I have switched over to a single column theme. I cleaned up quite a fair bit of unused applications on my blog in hope that the design looks a lot cleaner and easier to navigate.

Secondly, as I mentioned, this site is completely new. How does it translate to new? My domain name (http://markleo.net) has been moved to a new registrar, my files has been moved to a new server and I gotten a new theme to suit it as well as made multiple changes to the design (a big thanks to @theBackPackr for your help!).

The Fast Track Photographer by Dane Sanders

After reading Dane Sander’s “The Fast Track Photographer“, I was truly inspired by what he wrote about the various types of photographers. It was then that I knew where I wanted to be and to brand myself in that direction. This blog update is one of the first changes I am making and hopefully, you will see more of those changes in my shooting style as well.

Of course with this new site design, I will start to concentrate more on posting up more photos from various shoots and experience especially weddings and portraits. I am also quite glad that I can post up large sized images as well. I definitely need to update my Photoshop actions to suit the new changes.

I previously used to have multiple pages but have decided to limit myself to two pages, My Portfolio and About Myself. At this moment, my portfolio will be the next item on my to-do list to update and hopefully be completed by the end of July. Exciting times ahead and I can’t wait to be able to share it with my readers.

Do drop me a line or two with your thoughts and comments on this new site. I would love to gather some feedback in order for me to improve it as much as I can.