Wednesday Clicks

Yay, its the 2nd time I am posting the Wednesday Clicks and after about 20 more times, it becomes a habit.

  • Ooo nice blog from Michele 🙂 And what archivable grade DVDs? 😛 I need to archive my shots too!

  • Don't use DVDs to backup, it's just not worth it any more. HDD are so cheap per GB now, just get a couple and mirror them.

    DVDs don't fare well in our humid weather.

  • Thanks for the shout, Mark.

    @ShaolinTiger You're right, hard drives are becoming so much more affordable, and it makes it easy to backup data. That's what we do these days… One day I must post up all the WD MyBook drive boxes I've amassed over the years. Especially when your wife does photography and videography, the amount of archived data is crazy!