Warren & Amy’s Portraiture Session

I tagged along with Grace the other day to shoot Warren and Amy’s portraiture photos together with Karen. I have known Amy since when I was a small little boy (I think I was 6 years old) and her mum even has videos of me and the other kids back in Sunday school where we were taking part in a play. Anyway many many years have passed since then and here I am taking her portraiture photos before their big day in May.

The weather that day was a little more on the gloomy side and there wasn’t much sun about. And to also top it all, there was rain and it got heavier by the minute but I am sure that didn’t stop any of us (I got soaked quite a fair bit). Here are some of my favourite photos, a little different style of post processing but I just wanted to try something different.


I simply love train stations, ever since I was a boy, I loved playing with model train sets!


Isn’t her stare just mesmerizing?



I like the feel of this shot especially with the rain drops in the background. No rain is gonna stop me from taking photos!


This shot was really inspired by my awesome teacher at numerous workshops, Louis Pang.


Did anyone say Korean drama series?


After the shoot, Warren and Amy were so kind enough to buy us lunch at Carat Club in Pavillion. Ironically I am also writing this blog post in Pavillion as well and of course my wonderful boo-boo of updating my Twitter and Facebook status, saying that I ate at “Carrot” club instead of “Carat”. I blame the auto correction on my iPhone 😛


Of course that didn’t prevent us from sneaking a couple of shots as well.


This shot was also posed by Grace. She has a wonderful eye for reflections!

Below are some behind the scenes shots which I sneaked in. I was shooting some portraits, behind the scenes shots, carrying the monopod as well as taking care of the bags. Not too shabby eh?


The iconic stool!


Grace shooting with her new birthday present!


The umbrellas do tell a story, it reminds us to always bring it when we go on a shoot! I think we had like 4 umbrellas all between us and this does not include the ones we use for lighting. Haha.

  • Anna

    Beautiful shots Mark, your shots are getting better day by day 😀 Love the second one!

  • i totally agree with anna, great shots man!!!

  • The stares!!!!

  • The Umbrella add the Drama, nice work bro.

  • Hi Mark… the stool photo is quite funny! Must bring it along for more shoots now. Especially since I'm so short! haha…

  • Excellent shots and processing, I love #3.

  • Amy

    Oo, thanks for uploading the pics, Mark! They're fantastic! You guys are WOW. Integricity Visuals rock!!

  • Love the umbrella shot. Very nicely done 🙂

  • Wows! Love your shots too! You guys rock! 🙂

    Thanks so much for helping us create memories for a lifetime 🙂

  • Ian

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

    Great work, bro.

  • Thanks everyone for the kind comments! I am still eager to go and explore a lot more especially in the areas of portrait photography especially after seeing Zach's, Jon's and Kenneth's shots at the special screening of bride wars at cineleisure.

    Grace: Yes the stool definitely did help a lot right? I wonder if we should get those smaller collapsible step ladders, the ones that I see a lot of photographers use at fashion shoots 😛

  • Munz

    I'm finally writing a comment on your blog.I've been a silent reader ok! Awesome photos.

  • Hi Mark: Wonderful work! I am so proud of your progress and humility. I am still taken aback when people credit me for their progress. Thanks though because it is a big encouragement to me to continue teaching, sharing and inspiring.

  • Hi Munz and Louis,

    Thanks so much for the comments and I always want to give credit where it is due 🙂

  • Sze

    So are you going to shoot my wedding photo's too? I buy you dinner at Carrot Club too!!! Hahhahaa…you're getting better! Good job. *Hint* * Hint*