To Clear or Not to Clear?

I recently found out that I accidentally deleted some important photos that I had taken in some of my older assignments and workshops. Frankly, this sucks as now I can’t get them back anymore (well I can if I try) but I definitely need to be more mindful of that already.

Even with the prices of harddisks going down, it is rather unacceptable for me to do that so my next purchase would be a 500Gb hard disk for me to store all of my work as well as an additional 500Gb hard disk to act as a storage backup. I won’t be getting them anytime soon at the moment (until my current hard disks are full) but I am really running on a risk here as I do not have any backup solutions available at the moment.

Anyone heading to Lowyat anytime soon? Let me know what are the current prices for 500Gb sized hard disks and an external exclosure for the hard disk. Preferbly in the 3.5″ size. I know that the PC Fair is going on this weekend but I will be in Penang attending a workshop (mentioned here) hence I will be missing the fair completely.

Feeling a little impatient lately as things are not going as fast as I would hoped for it to be as I am currently awaiting a new piece of equipment to arrive. At the mean time, I do hope to negotiate more wedding photography jobs. Praying that I do get those jobs (one in May, one in October and finally one more in December). God has been good recently and indeed, He is awesome.