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DCIM 2010 and my presentation at the EOS Interactive Booth

As I mentioned in my previous post, me and the RedNinja team were invited by Canon Malaysia to speak at the recent DCIM show over at Midvalley. Grace, Jon and I had different slots throughout Saturday and Sunday. Here are some of the photos that we took of each other during the talk.

Jon started his talk and shared his photos and videos, which were absolutely amazing! Jon’s topic was on “Wedding Photography” and he also covered a bit about as well.

Some familiar faces in the crowd, Paul Kong and Ben Lim.

Jon gave out a number of cards as well which had his photos printed on. The participants were happy with them!

Kurt (a.k.a Orionmystery) who was speaking next also listened in on Jon’s talk.

I saw Visithra there as well.

As well as Nick Leong!

I have to thank Jon for taking these photos as well while I was speaking. My topic was on “Experience with EOS“. Now that isn’t really an easy task to talk about especially since I have only used the system for a little over a month and covered two weddings with it and two portrait shoots.

The magic mouse (my impulse buy on Friday) was very useful for me, I managed to use it to control my slides.


I returned back to Midvalley again on Sunday to provide support to Grace who also presented on “Wedding Photography“.


Alex was there as well to help out and support her.


Here is a shot of our schedule that was set up at the EOS Interactive Booth.


Overall I thought DCIM was great! Plenty of bargains (I ended up buying two Sandisk 16Gb CF cards at RM209 each at the Sandisk booth) and plenty of interesting talks and information as well as meeting new people and catching up with old friends.There were some other bargains there such as the WD Live TV was only selling for RM399 instead of the usual RM499 and their WD Essential 1TB hard disk was going for RM289. What a bargain!

Also I was finally given a live demo of how Drobo actually works, it does look impressive and it is definitely something that I would love to get but the prices here are very expensive at RM1699 for the most basic Drobo storage with no hard disks! Definitely a lot to pay but I guess you are paying for the technology as well as having a safe feeling that your photos are protected!

A copy of my talk in PDF form can be downloaded here.

Speaking at the DCIM Show, 15th May 2010

Yes thats right. I will be speaking at the Canon EOS Interactive booth this coming Saturday at the DCIM Show from 3.15pm to 4.15pm at Midvalley Exhibition Center at the Midvalley Megamall. What will I be speaking on? Well, I will be speaking on the subject, “Experience with EOS” which is quite a big twist for me, mainly because I used to be a Nikon user (you probably could have judged that from my previous postings).

It will be an interesting time for me and the rest of the squad as well. Jon Low (speaking on Saturday from 2.15pm to 3.15pm) and Grace Tan (speaking on Sunday, 2.45pm – 3.45pm) will be there as well speaking at the EOS Interactive booth and both of them will have separate topics as well.

Admission is absolutely free and there are limited seats only. Do join us for our talks and stay back after that and have a chat, catch up and have a nice cup of coffee (I hope there are free coffees there :P).

I had been to last year’s DCIM show and it was quite interesting and the size of the event completely blew my mind away. Mainly because I didn’t expect so many booths about and the prices of some of the camera accessories there were quite cheap. I hope to be able to get some bargains there this weekend.

This time based on the floor plan, it looks to be bigger than last years event!

Catch you all there this weekend!


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