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Deleted Scenes from VW’s Passat Superbowl Advert

First check out VW’s advertisement for the upcoming Passat for the US market below. This was shown during the Superbowl last Sunday where this was considered prime time for advertisements. At USD$3million for a 30 second slot, it better be eye catching.

Ranked 3rd in USA Today’s 2011 Superbowl commercials ratings, this advert certainly did send chuckles through my spine.

Now check out some of the deleted scenes and bloopers which missed the final editing cut below.

Talk about funny commercials!

Check out the VW Beetle’s Superbowl Advertisement

Updated with the full commercial

Now who says advertisements have to be super long and have a lot of dialogue.

As short as it is, it does keep me wanting to know more. Can’t wait to see the new upcoming Beetle.

Thanks to my friend who yearns to be the dictator of China, here is the full advertisement.

But if you are the type that keeps up with some automotive news site, the new and upcoming Beetle has already been “discovered” a couple of times.


Heck they even managed to catch it on spy video!

Looks like the new Beetle isn’t going to be that much of a surprise from everyone else but hey, VW Malaysia is giving out fantastic deals right now if you go and buy a Beetle. I saw a couple of new ones already in my office.

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