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An early morning with Nadia – part 2

As I mentioned in my previous post, I would post up more photos that I took of Nadia at Putrajaya. Not to dissapoint you all, here are some more of my shots.

The shot above was taken before we moved to a shadier area. The lighting was extremely harsh at this location.

A more serious look pose from Nadia.

Close up shot of Nadia, man, I just love shooting with the 85mm f/1.8 lens!

Tried a clean-look post processing for the image above, a feel of serenity.

A more grunge tone of post processing to show the seriousness of her eyes and yet portraying a soft feel with the presence of the rose.

Of course, who wouldn’t want to see the model smiling a bit, right?

And finally, enough of close ups. Lets get a full body shoot.

The photos are also available on my Flickr set.

An early morning with Nadia

Sometime back I shot Nadia at a workshop conducted by Jay at Bukit Jalil. This time, she is back again. I would like to share a couple of shots of Nadia I took together with some of the Lowyat forum members in the early hours of the morning. Well there are only two shots here because I managed to find some time to post process them yesterday. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Have to thank Wyluxx for waking up so early in the morning to drive down to Petaling Street and getting a bouquet of roses for the shoot.

In the end, we ended asking Nadia to use just a single stalk of rose.

Frankly, I only post processed these two shots mainly to create an automated watermark action on Photoshop. Hence the reason for a vertical and horizontal shot.

A big thanks to Xandman for organising the event, Wyluxx for the awesome planning and the amount of props brought and Zio for being the dedicated lighting guy for the rest. Keep on shooting guys!

As of late

Lately I have been busy either attending my usual training courses which require me to stay over as well as band practice for my upcoming company trip. Those two activities really took a toll on me over the past week and I have been facing more internet connection problems at home, hence the lack of updates on this blog.

Now that I am back at work, I feel that the urge to blog might be a little lot less. Maybe its because I am quite worn out and I have two more band practice sessions coming up tomorrow night and on Wednesday night which I desperately need to practice my part or else the rest will hang me up to dry. There is this huge list of songs which I desperately need to get the chords and songs to practice with.

What was enjoyable last week was to be able to network with potential technology architects from around the world and if you see my Facebook account, you would notice that I have been adding friends from Columbia, South Africa, Netherlands, Australia and Singapore.

Other than that, I truly enjoyed playing back together with the “Accidentals” or was it “Accentrix”? I could never tell and it was really fun picking up a guitar again and jamming with the rest of the band. Of course it was blatantly obvious that I am completely out of touch with the whole jamming and guitaring scene but nevertheless, it was really fun!

The final bit of fun which I enjoyed over the period of last week was my very first experience on the golf course. Playing the first time on a full 18-hole course was a mind blowing experience especially seing all the wonder obstacles which stole 19 balls away from me (OB and water traps!). Next session is in 3 weeks time and I can’t wait to actually go to the golf shop to purchase my first set of golf clubs and then test it out on the driving range.

Finally, the next two weekends I will be away from KL, travelling to Damai Laut for my company trip and then to Singapore next weekend to attend a wedding.

And lastly, the Nikon D700 has been launched here in Malaysia and forums have been shouting with people getting some of them priced at RM8700 for the unit. Shashinki currently has a promotion for the D700 at RM8888 as well. I doubt that I can afford one anytime soon as recession is about to hit this country so cash savings is the better way to go.

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