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Last day of Charge Up Conference 2009

It’s the last day of Charge Up and after working through the night to compile everyone’s photos to be included in the DVD, I am just dead tired. Anyway the final screening is about to be shown soon and for Ps. Victor’s last PowerUp Session. I was really touched by all of the delegate’s work from both the videography and photography stream. You guys are absolutely awesome!

Here are the group shots that we took on Friday.


I took a couple shots of this angle with various exposures and layered them to get the background and foreground correctly exposed.

This next group shot was taken by Grace.


Traveling back to KL after the last PowerUp Session and I can’t wait for Ps. Victor’s last sermon. Awesome stuff!

p.s. Super tired from collecting and sorting through all the photos taken by loads of people during the conference, got back to my room at 4am.

April, oh April.

March is soon coming to an end but I am really looking forward to an exciting month of April. Why is April so exciting for me? Well, that is because I have three upcoming workshops in April, which I anticipate that I will learn a lot from it as well as make full use of it to propel me forward in both my passion and my career (sad to say sometimes that my career may not be my passion).

First up would be the “From Ordinary to Extraordinary” workshop from the 11-13th ofApril held at the Pixel Media centre in the new DAP state of Penang. I will be flying off to Penang over the weekend via AirAsia in hope of learning from the awesome Louis Pang. I definitely have to thank my mum for being able to arrange for me my accomodation in Penang. Because of that, I feel a little more at ease about acommodation

From Ordinary to Extraordinary
Note: There is also another session in June held in KL. Do visit this site for more information

Right after that workshop, I will arrive in KL on the 14th of March and the next day I will be off to Bandar Utama for another workshop from the 15th till the 18th of March. This time it is an SAP workshop held at IBM. Also interesting as I will be considered rather fresh in that topic in regards to DB2 usage but I am always eager to learn more.

At the end of April, I would be attending the annual Charge Up conference which I attended last year. Really looking forward again for this year’s conference where Louis Pang will be conducting the Photography stream for 4 days! This format is slightly different as compared to last year where it was held from Friday night and over the weekend where I actually missed the ending of the conference. This time, I am making sure that I am available through all 4 days.


Louis Pang
1st place winner of the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) 2007 8×10 print competition, Louis is a highly sought after photographer & educator in Asia. Louis travels to Australia, Hong Kong, India, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and all over Malaysia for wedding assignments. He was also appointed an Epson Stylus Pro, an elite fraternity of top professionals who are selected for their artistry excellence and technical know-how in digital imaging.

April is definitely a month that I am really looking forward to. I must polish up my skills and my knowledge to be a better photographer in both the artistic and technical sense. I wonder if I will be able to get my laptop by then, who knows?

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