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Greetings from Bangladesh!

It’s currently day two now here at Bangladesh and although I really wanted to write a blog post whilst I was in the airport yesterday, the internet connection at LCCT was horrendous. Anyway its the same here in Bangladesh as well, I hardly get any internet connection so it will be brief posts and updates.

Anyhow, the experience here is a real eye opener! I have never seen so many mosquitoes before in my life. My first encounter with the swarm (yes, thats how many there were) was at the airport. I could literally feel them flying onto me and hitting me whilst I was walking about. Same goes for the place I was staying as well and my left hand alone had more than 10 bites. No worries, we bought (we meaning Andrew and I) a mosquito repellant as well as a diffuser to run whilst we are sleeping. The repellant was excellent, Mortein to the rescue! I sprayed the room earlier and I already see 13 dead mosquitoes lying on the floor.

So much for those bloodsuckers!

Anyhow, the shoot is gonna start soon so I better best prepare myself 🙂

Wednesday Clicks

Ahoy there, what happened to last week’s posting? It seemed to have dissapeared but to be perfectly honest, I was busy catching the Champions League final match between Man Utd and Barcelona in a local Irish Pub near my hotel on 50th Street in Manhattan. The atmosphere was great, the pub was split with supporters from both sides sitting at different sections and me and Jamie had a huge plate of nachos to split between the two of us.


Look at the size of the nachos! All covered in cheese and sour cream, yumz!

Anyway back to the point, let’s have some interesting links here.

  • First of all, I definitely have to highlight this video made by my friend, theBackpackr, watch it here and you will laugh your head off. I guess some people are willing to go to extreme lengths just to get the Apple 3G iPhone. Otherwise, for the rest of you camera fans out there, the video was shot entirely with the new Canon 5D Mk2.
  • Secondly, as part of the WeddingStory team, I was unfortunate fortunate not to have been to Bangladesh because apparently there was an outbreak over there which some people say is more serious than the H1N1 virus. As you can see from this video here, Malaysians who are there tend to end up going crazy, I really mean going crazy. Don’t believe me? You definitely have to watch the video then to understand my point.
  • Only in Malaysia can you confiscate someone’s shirt because of some of the “controversial” designs on it and when the designer asks what are the guidelines for designs, there are no guidelines at all!
  • There is an upcoming Blogger’s Karnival which is going to be held on the 20th June at Jaya 33. For more information about the event, click on this link.

That’s all for this week. I would definitely recommend watching those videos, don’t forget to click “play” first and then “pause” and wait for the entire video to load first before watching it. Malaysia isn’t blessed with fast internet speed so this is just one of the workarounds.

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