got Mojo? Camp

Yes I didn’t manage to squeeze in a blog post last week. Why? Mainly I was busy with work, late teleconferences as well as preparing with the gang for the got Mojo? seminar and camp over the weekend. Definitely had an amazing time with the participants and all of the great fun and sharing that we had. Totally sapped all of my energy from me until I got sick on Monday when I returned to work.

It was such an honour to have Wiki and Ilona over as the main speakers and I am very sure that the participants had an equally fantastic time as well. Just search for the #gotMojo on Twitter and you will see their responses 🙂

Anyway, since a post should not have no images on it, I am going to post some shots which I took over the weekend.

I also liked this shot which Grace shot of me. She said I was doing the macarena which I don’t recall that.

Big credits goes to:

Models: Rachel & Ser Young
Make Up & Hair: Shinny Ong (her work is amazing, just look at the models!)
Gowns by: Pretty In White (Pretty in White was one of our sponsors as well)

Couldn’t have done it without them

  • Ooooh macarena. 🙂

  • a ninja doing macarena? hrmmm…

  • jfook

    wow, nice shots


  • Thanks jfook 🙂

  • Macarena of joy for having switched to the light side :p enjoyyy!

  • Your pics are in AdobeRGB bro, remember to convert to sRGB before uploading to the web 🙂

  • Thanks for the heads up! I need to make changes on the source post instead at the blog 😉

  • dbone

    zomg mav, do you have anymore of those T's? 😀

  • NinjaREna? hehe… sweet shots~!