Of Internet Connections and 3G Speeds

Yes, this is just another rant but surprisingly when I typed in “Streamyx Sucks” in Google, I was rather surprised by the number of returns I got. Looks like I am not the only one complaining about their slow Streamyx speeds because I just can’t access certain websites without constantly refreshing the site. praying that it will somehow work. Check out this site on what may be the cause of the slow speeds, but I am very very inclined to sign up with Packet One at the moment.

On another note, I recently subscribed to Maxis’ 3G service and I am still rather dissapointed with it’s slow download speeds. It is so slow that I constantly have to find a spot where there is a decent signal and most of the time I get bad connection speeds such as being downgraded to the EDGE line or the GPRS line. This is rather disturbing to me.