Last day of Charge Up Conference 2009

It’s the last day of Charge Up and after working through the night to compile everyone’s photos to be included in the DVD, I am just dead tired. Anyway the final screening is about to be shown soon and for Ps. Victor’s last PowerUp Session. I was really touched by all of the delegate’s work from both the videography and photography stream. You guys are absolutely awesome!

Here are the group shots that we took on Friday.


I took a couple shots of this angle with various exposures and layered them to get the background and foreground correctly exposed.

This next group shot was taken by Grace.


Traveling back to KL after the last PowerUp Session and I can’t wait for Ps. Victor’s last sermon. Awesome stuff!

p.s. Super tired from collecting and sorting through all the photos taken by loads of people during the conference, got back to my room at 4am.

  • Looks like a packed session. Remind me next time Charge-up is open to registration — have to plan for '10 🙂

  • Ian

    What happened to the other days in between Day 1 and Last Day? Mana itu blog post?