Joshua & Adeline’s Portrait Shots

With a new blog design, I guess its time to post up some photos. Digging through some of my photo archive, I found some photos which I shot a couple months back. Joshua has been one of my best friends and we go a long way back. Having also both studied in the UK, he was always a great host whenever I visited him in Coventry. This time, he came back to Malaysia to propose to Adeline and she said “yes!”.

Although both Joshua and Adeline had a tight schedule here in Malaysia (he’s working in the UK and she’s working in Singapore), I had to make do with the little available time they had. Although the two of them were in Malaysia, it didn’t mean that they were in Selangor. The short time before church started was the only time they could spare. Nevertheless, the 35 minutes we spent together was well worth it!

Here are some of my favourite shots from that day.




Joshua is a talented musician and he plays the drums and the piano. Check out his blog over here.




I know Joshua quite well and to be very honest, he seems to always like to put his hands like that against the wall. Even when he is thinking to himself. I guess it was meant that Adeline could easily charm him from that angle 🙂



I secretly took this shot after we were done and they wanted to see some of the results of the earlier shoot.




Last but not least, a group shot of the four of us having lunch after church.

Joshua and Adeline, congratulations on your engagement and I can’t wait for your wedding next year. Although I won’t be shooting it but I am glad that I can be part of your wedding next year as one of your groomsmen.