I need to sell my Ferrari

Ok, so I don’t have a Ferrari to sell. Not even those small little ones which were being sold like hotcakes at Shell petrol stations. What I am about to sell could be a piece of my mind about the recent petrol hike announced yesterday.

I am sure there are plenty of blogs, newspapers and other media sources screaming the headlines of RM2.70 (which is the new 40% increased price of petrol), and in tandem, I shall be screaming that as well. Frankly, an increase like this is expected to happen. If you ever thought that petrol prices will not rise then you really do live in a dream world.

Part of the increase in petrol prices, our local Government hope to save billions of dollars. The previous petrol hike was to save the government billions of dollars. The same reason was given again that this increase in prices will help the Government save money.

Abdullah said that although the restructuring would result in consumers having to pay more, prices were still lower compared with Singapore and Thailand.

He said the Government would save RM13.7bil through the restructuring.

Quote: The Star – Petrol price up by 78 sen – and will be reviewed monthly

Since the last increase, I don’t seem to see any improvement in our local transport system. The LRT is still jammed and crammed as ever. I don’t see new routes or even construction on new routes. More and more complaints have risen from delayed busses and the traffic gets worse everyday.

So what happened to the money saved from the previous petrol price hike? I don’t see anyone cheering about more efficient bus routes or less errant cabbies.

Conspiracy theorists have predicted that by September, the government would face a challenging trial. I wonder if this whole saga of a petrol price hike could be part of a larger overall plan. Who knows? Only time will tell.

Anyway, I pumped petrol this morning. Price paid for 34 litres, RM90+. Man this sucks.