Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0

Photographing Volkswagen Cars Part 2

Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 with a Rieger bodykit

Here is the continuation of photos that I took during the previous shoot which I organised with the Volkswagen Malaysia Club members. More photos are also available in my previous post.

Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 with a Rieger bodykit

The funny thing about the image below was that while I was busy snapping away, a couple of “mat rempits” decided to join in on the fun and I was pleasantly surprised that one of my frames managed to capture him in “action”.

Mysterious Trio

So can you guess the differences between the 3 cars above? Let’s see if you can guess which of the models are on displayed in the image above. I will buy whoever (excluding those who attended the shoot) a “teh ais”  if they manage to guess them correctly and comments on it in the comment section below.

Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 with a Rieger Bodykit
Comfort, Normal and Sports mode!

According to the owners of the cars above, they all agreed that the left one is on comfort mode, the middle one on normal mode and the white one on sports mode.

I definitely can’t wait to plan for another shoot and this time to spend a little bit more time on a single car.

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Volkswagen Scirocco 1.4 TSI

Photographing Volkswagen Cars

It was a bright sunny day when a group of VW enthusiasts all decided to meet up at Putrajaya on a Sunday morning. Well, we didn’t really all decided together but more towards an opportunity for me to be able to photograph some VW cars, talk to some of the other members and get to know them better. This is all part of my procrastinated project where I wanted to take the effort to shoot more cars and build up my automotive photography portfolio.

Although this was my first time but I also learned quite a lot of things to take into consideration. Here are some of the results.

Group shot of all the cars which participated in the shoot that morning.

A Volkswagen Scirocco 1.4 TSI with the Scirocco R bumper and custom Euro license plate.

A white VW Scirocco 2.0 TSI with a full Rieger Bodykit

Next up is a series of photos of a Volkswagen Scirocco 1.4 TSI which is not black but rather in the colour, Dark Maroon. But yeah, it looks black in the photos. This car sports a Supersprint exhaust system, Caractere 18″ Rims, a Scirocco R bumper and Rieger side skirts.

Overall I learned that when it comes to photographing cars, a lot of factors come into play. The more I look at my photos, the more that I know I can do better and the mistakes that I have made along the way.

Stay tuned for more photos!

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VW Passat, Jetta and Cross Touran

The shroud has finally been unveiled. Volkswagen Group Malaysia has finally unveiled the VW Passat, VW Jetta and the VW Cross Touran.

Price structures for these cars are as shown below.

  • VW Jetta – RM149,888 (160ps, 240Nm, 1.4 TSI, 7-speed DSG gearbox)
  • VW Passat – RM184,888 (160ps, 250Nm, 1.8 TSI, 7-speed DSG gearbox)
  • VW Cross Touran – RM166,888 (140ps, 220Nm, 1.4 TSI, 7-speed DSG gearbox)

I am surprised that the Jetta prices are a lot higher than the earlier said rumours which priced the car to be within the RM138k range to compete against the Civics and Altis. At RM150k, the price is going to be very close to that of the Golf TSI.

All of the cars are CBU units as the Pekan plant hasn’t started operations yet.

As with our Malaysian mentality, the market still doesn’t really care about the various car segments and they mostly compare cars based on price.

At RM150k, that touches the Toyota Camry, Accords price range and the Jetta might have a tall order to challenge them. The Jetta wouldn’t be spec as much as the other Japs but in terms of drivability, the Jetta should win hands down.

The Passat priced at RM184k should be within the range of the 2.4 Camry, Mazda 6 as well as the higher specced Accord. I should say the Passat would then be a better buy purely on the fact that the car has good power and the road tax for the Passat which falls within the <2000cc range should make it more attractive. Although, the Ford Mondeo comes at very close competitor offering 200ps and 300Nm at RM180k, I am quite surprised that I don’t see that many Mondeo’s on the road. Probably because of its looks that most people don’t fancy.

Most discussions on the social network tend to show that most people think that the cars are a little overpriced but then again in Malaysia we tend to be buying cars at an overpriced price anyway.

What we haven’t seen yet is the Polo Sedan even though the brochures are now available at the Service Centers. Also everyone is still expecting the Golf R’s as well. I would definitely would love to own a Golf R personally, maybe someday when there are way too many on the road and the second-hand price of it goes down.

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